Product motion designer


Currently a Product Motion Designer at Noon. Previously, a UX designer at Dialog Axiata.


Creative Process 


Animations should be carefully planned due to the fact that they attract a lot of user attention. Deciding how and when to drive attention starts first. 


The final idea is designed and animated using resources from all the steps before. 


A draft of an idea visualized in my head is built. This way I can get tweak the idea faster with feedback.


Once an animation is complete I leave it out of sight for a reasonable amount of time. Upon return, I may identify issues I was blind to during design.


Inspiration comes after visualizing a concept purely because I want my original ideas to be unaffected. 


A polished animation is delivered to the developers.



Drives user attention like a magician. 


Interactive 3D

Hover your mouse over the icons

Getting here was an adventure

Self Taught

Just in 2021, I learned Blender, Substance Painter, Marvelous Designer, World Creator & the basics of Zbrush from scratch. 

I use most of them here.

Explored depths 

By testing almost every prototyping tool out there, I learned the art of combining them for their best features.

I talk about some of them here.

Not alone

Everything I learned, I shared. It helped me connect with 16,000 people around the globe.

Check me out here.